Portable 72 Languages Voice Instant Translator

Portable 72 Languages Voice Instant Translator

Dosmono voice instant translator,support 72 langauges online translation,8 languages offline translation.

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Product Description

1. Using Microsoft Azure cloud translation service, google translation service to ensure the best translation experiences
2. Mini design, pocket size handhold translation device
3. 2-way talking translator, button A for language A to B, button B for language B to A
4.Display all translated text on screen and recorded into built-in memory, can download to computer
5. Support to playback translated text or sentences anywhere anytime, a good language learning tool
6.Built-in 8GB memory card
7. Support wifi connection or 3G SIM Card hotspot connection
8. With 2.0 inch LCD touch screen for easy operation
9. Can work as a separate voice recorder with noise-reducing technology
10. Support cross-country, cross-language talking with each other directly or global intercom after joining the same group
11.Built-in 1450mAh rechargeable battery could work as long as 8 hour, standby time up to 3-5 days
12. 5 different colors including pink, red, white, black, golden for options
13. Operation System: Android 6.0 system

Product Price

QTY 1-20pcs 21-499 pcs 500pcs
Price $119.99 $109.99 $99.99

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