Handhold Language Translation Device Electronic Multilingual Translater

Handhold Language Translation Device Electronic Multilingual Translater

Handhold Language Translation Device

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Handhold Language Translation Device Electronic Multilingual Translater

Easy to use:

 Plugin a 4G SIM Card or hook camera to your phones wifi hotspots, ready to go; with touch control screen, no need any app, press and hold the button directly to talk and translate, very simple to operate it.


 Stable hardware parameters, fast response, continuous operation



 Adopt intelligent technology to protect user privacy and prevent data leakage


 Supports 32 Languages: Based on the newest AI voice translation technology from Microsoft, Google and Baidu, the language translation device can quickly and accurately implement the real-time simultaneous interpretation between 32 languages including Chinese,English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Korean,Indonesian, etc. , it is designed to solve language barriers while communicating with foreigners.

 More Accurate translation: The translation accurate is more than 97%.

Global Carry-on WiFi function: DOSMONO provides users with global wi-fi hotspot which you can connect to the internet anytime, anywhere globally.

Photo Translator: just take a picture for any Chinese or English documents, guidepost, picture, manuscripts. etc by this translation device, it can quickly translate the text of the photo content into the languages you need.

An independent Voice Recorder: the translator can record voice or audio separately with noise-reducing technology and store into built-in 8GB memory (max. 32GB card, 8GB card included)

Playback or Repeat Speaking Function: The translation machine allow you to playback or repeat speaking out any translation content, a perfect language learning tool.

Tour Group Management: providing cross-lingual communication, itinerary management, members position locating, tour guides voice broadcast and other services.

Personal Assistant Function: Providing personal business travel planning and management, scheduled time, set itinerary, check at any time.

Automatic Explanation of Scenic Spots: Providing more than one hundred thousands of global scenic spots content explanation; supports tour guides to prepare guide lessons in advance, live play and team sharing.

Global Cross-language Intercom: After joining the same group, different users can have cross -language talking with each other globally.

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