Electric Mousetrap Pet Control Product Live Capture Rice Rat Rodent Small Animals With PIR Detection Technology

Electric Mousetrap

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Electric Mousetrap Pet Control Product Live Capture Rice Rat Rodent Small Animals with PIR Detection Technology

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· PIR DETECTION TECHNOLOGY: Electric Mousetrap is equipped with advanced PIR detection technology, which ensures that rats and rodents get instantly live captured, without any possibility of escaping. Works for Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Chipmunks and other small rodents.

· ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE & NO MESS: Live catch Mouse, rodent without the use of dangerous poisons , chemicals or high voltage  / Discarding the rodent is a breeze with absolutely no mess.

· SIMPLE TO USE: Simply insert the batteries and switch on the device, set it on the only way the mouse will pass through with baffle panel to block all other places, there are 2 doors at the end of the mouse trap’s passway, the mousetrap without bottom panel thus mouse wont refuse to going through it, once rat going through it, the PIR Detection will detect it and 2 doors will closed, the only escaping way is to the cage, once the mouse going into the cage and cannot escape out, The Electronic Rat Trap will auto open doors to capture the 2nd rat, one by one like this.

· Pet Safety Way to Kill Mouse : The pest control trap only designed for live-capture small animals and ho harm to pets, no dangerous for children’s


· APPLICATION: This electronic rat killer widely applies in dining-room, cook-room, bedroom, office, restaurant, warehouse, barn, hotel and any places that rats usually appear.


Video Link: https://youtu.be/rAEU6hvNSyY


Mousetrap size:35*13.5*10.3cm / 13.8*5.3*4.1in

Cage size: 28.3*13.0*9.0cm / 11.1*5.1*3.5in

Package size: 42 * 20 * 21cm / 16.5 * 7.9 * 8.3in 
Package weight: 2200g
Power supply: 3* AA Battery (Not included) 
Voltage: 3.7V-4.5V
Low battery indicator: yes

Standby Time: 2 months

Battery working time: 1 month



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